Emerging Technologies Seminar (ETS): 2008-2009

The Pressure to Transform: Precisely Aligning Emerging
Technology and Business to Compete and Thrive
Lecture & Panel Series

As part of the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the EMTM Program, we are pleased to present a special Lecture and Panel Series in Levine Hall

The series will feature business professionals from information technology, pharma, medicine, outsourcing, business and energy. You will converse with industry thought leaders and ‘in the trenches’ business decision-makers.

Learn tips, techniques and insights to help your business compete and thrive. Manage emerging technology effectively. Identify your career path across various industries. Explore relevant business/tech strategies. Learn tactics you need to transform your business and align technology for profitable growth.

Format: First a lecture and then four weeks later a panel on each of the topics.

(All EMTM students, alumni and invited guests are welcome to attend ETS lectures. For prospective students interested in a selected topic or session, please inquire with the Admissions Office: 215-898-2897 or

Fall 2008

11:45am-1pm, Saturday, September 20, 2008
Lecture: Paving the Way for Disruptive Innovation (by Jeong Kim)
What is the nature of technological innovation and its relationship to market growth? How can managers create a fertile foundation for supporting such innovations in the business? And what are the relevant policies that enable innovation at a national level? Dr. Jeong Kim, Bell Labs President, entrepreneur, professor, nuclear submarine officer, and business leader will offer a framework for addressing these issues, and provide insights based on his unique vantage point.

6-7:30 pm, Friday, October 17, 2008
Panel: Street-Smart Innovation to Align Emerging Technology
and Business
(Panel Discussion)
Explore both the myth and reality of cultivating a culture of Intellectual capital: new patents, drugs, best business practices and others. Identify new models for research & development that business must build and support. Interact with a panel of innovative leaders who focus and execute their goals through results-oriented innovation to help their enterprises compete and thrive. Join a panel including: Dr. Sanjoy Ray, Director, Technology Innovation, in an IT department dedicated to Merck’s Research Labs (MRL). Eric F. Bernstein, MD, distinguished practitioner, researcher and innovator in the fields of dermatology and laser surgery. Anthony P. Green, Ph.D., Vice President, Technology Commercialization Group: Life Sciences, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, and Director of The Nanotechnology Institute. Nicholas D. Evans, Vice President & General Manager, Innovation, Unisys Corporation, author of Business Innovation & Disruptive Technologies.

Winter 2008-09

11:45am-1pm, Saturday, December 20, 2008
Lecture: Energy and Global Warming (TBA)

6-7:30 pm, Friday, January 23, 2009
Panel: Why Are Technology and Business Aligning
with the Power of Green Energy?
(Panel Discussion)
Companies are bridging the Tech-Biz Gap to apply business solutions to energy problems. They include global warming and the energy crisis. Join a panel of outspoken thought leaders from business, government and technology. Find out how the ‘power of green’ is being harnessed by technology managers, as their companies grapple toward greener manufacturing processes while also saving money to be competitive. Panelists share business insights across the spectrum of fossil, nuclear and alternative fuels. Determine whether you need to map a Green strategy into your career plans by applying the tips and insights of our panel.

Spring 2009

11:45am-1pm, Saturday, March 28, 2009
Lecture:Global Outsourcing (TBA)

6-7:30 pm, Friday, April 24, 2009
Panel: This is Not Your Grandfather’s Outsourcing Strategy! (Panel Discussion)
Wherever you are in the world, you must count the cost of doing business. Explore how companies go wherever they must to get the best business labor value to generate the profitable revenue that they need to compete and grow. Join leading senior managers who have built the balanced labor pools that use technology and global sourcing to deliver the products and services that customers demand at the right price and time — and bring needed jobs to new markets. Explore what the technologies are and how to manage them effectively. Determine what human resources you must keep inside your core business. How do you combat attrition of tech talent? How do you develop new intellectual capital? What is your bench strength? Chargeability? Join moderator Jim Senior and tech-savvy business thought leaders to share insights on precisely aligning emerging technology and business to compete, thrive and give you a competitive edge with the right focus and execution. More details of lecturers and panelists coming soon.

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