EMTM students complete a total of 20 courses in a combination of core and elective courses, plus an Emerging Technologies Seminar that meets throughout the program. New courses are introduced regularly to reflect emerging trends in technology management and innovation.

EMTM Requirements

EMTM Core 10 courses The EMTM core provides a foundation of business and technology management knowledge, and the tools for strategic analysis and decision-making.
Technology Electives 6 courses You tailor the program to your own technology interests, with the option to gain exposure across multiple technologies or pursue a more specialized cluster.
Open Electives 4 courses* Open electives are selected from a wide range of management and technology courses (*with the opportunity to take up to 4 additional electives at no added cost).
Total 20 courses (*plus opportunities for additional course electives)
Emerging Technologies Seminar 9 ETS sessions Faculty and leaders from industry share insights on current and emerging issues in research, technology and business strategy. Seven 90-minute sessions focus on different topics throughout the year.

An EMTM course consists of 18 class hours and typically represents 6 three-hour class sessions. Each term runs for 6 program weekends. For core courses, final exams are held on a seventh weekend scheduled at the end of each term. See also Sample Curriculum, Sample Weekend, Courses and Program Calendar.

Waivers and Substitutions
Students who have had previous, graduate-level experience in core subjects may request a waiver. If prior academic coursework qualifies them for a waiver, an additional elective may be substituted. Waivers are generally not encouraged, however, since EMTM courses may introduce tools and frameworks not covered in prior coursework.