Emerging Technologies + Business Acumen
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The best of both worlds

The best of both worlds. An Ivy League university, Penn is a center of innovative research and education. Penn Engineering is the cradle of ENIAC and a pioneer in the biosciences, nanotechnology, robotics and a number of other emerging technologies. The School’s research mission is not only to have the highest scholarly standards within disciplines, but also to be an international leader in interdisciplinary research across fields. The EMTM program reflects this commitment.  The management courses in the program are taught by industry experts, and leading business school faculty, many of whom are with The Wharton School, the first collegiate school of management, and one of the world's leading business schools.

Integrated curriculum

Integrated curriculum. This is not half an engineering program and half a business program. EMTM was the first graduate technology management program to emphasize the integration of multiple technologies. It is engineered to prepare leaders to harness emerging technologies and profit from the process of innovation.

transformative experience

A transformative experience. At EMTM, you join a group of talented, highly motivated peers who come together for intense weekend learning sessions. The residential component creates opportunities for interaction and networking with faculty and students who bring a wide range of experience and passion for both business and technology.


Flexibility. Business and technology are vast fields of study. EMTM offers opportunities to tailor the program to specific technologies and areas of business. The schedule, too, can be adjusted for students who cannot make a full-time    Friday/Saturday commitment.


Value, now and in the future. By working and studying concurrently, you can apply and test new tools and insights back at work to return immediate value to your organization. You also build a lasting personal and professional network and a lifetime affiliation with EMTM and Penn that will add value throughout your career.